Twin Oaks Computing Announces Interoperability Demo

January 23, 2012: Twin Oaks Computing will be conducting another Interoperability Testing of their CoreDX DDS Communications Middleware at the OMG Technical Meeting March 19-23, 2012 in Reston, VA. USA.

CoreDX DDS applications can easily communicate with applications based on DDS from other vendors. In order to have meaningful interoperability it is important to enable and even encourage additional implementations, participation, and testing by new and existing vendors of DDS.

This is not necessarily easy to accomplish, as it requires the independent cooperation of competing companies, including not only the donation of their time and money to support testing, but also the sharing of (sometimes highly competitive) details of their implementations. This close level of cooperation is required in order to successfully test and maintain each of the aspects of interoperability.

Twin Oaks Computing is committed to interoperability. They were involved in the very first interoperability test and demonstration on March, 24, 2009 in Washington, DC. They have also been actively involved in keeping CoreDX DDS compliant with the evolving standards and with ongoing testing with other interoperable vendors.

There are many benefits of interoperability, especially as it provides the flexibility to adapt and extend systems with very little cost. Here are a few examples of the types of new devices employing CoreDX DDS communications middleware:

• Android based phones, tablets and embedded devices
• QNX based mobile devices
• Set-top boxes
• Gateways
• Gumstix tiny Linux computers
• Micrium µC OS
• FPGA’s
• Safety Critical Applications

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