Twin Oaks Computing Partners with Cyber Software Solutions

January 17, 2011 Cyber Software Solutions specializes in research and development of cyber warfare command and control systems. Currently they are using CoreDX DDS in an effort to research a cyber warfare command and control/battle management system based on a real time, high-speed publish and subscribe messaging system. The system incorporates an organizational model based on virtual cells as opposed to physical cells. However, the virtual cells would typically be deployed at traditional operations centers, making it easy to integrate the system with traditional command and control or battle management systems.

Virtual cells exist in cyberspace spanning organizational and network boundaries rather than in the physical space of a command center where it is possible for a cyber warrior to be in multiple virtual cells simultaneously. Using a high-speed publish and subscribe messaging system like CoreDX DDS, much of the need for hierarchical reporting of situational awareness information is avoided.  Because of the virtual cell's dynamic characteristics, the hierarchy of command can be maintained while simultaneously operating in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Cyber warfare commanders can be members of multiple lower level virtual cells, multiple peer cells (virtual cells at their own level of command at other locations) and, if permitted, they can be members of higher-level virtual cells. Also, the organizational structure of the virtual cells and their members can be dynamically reconfigured with each cell containing its own set of tools, links, reports, and utilities specifically designed to facilitate the mitigation of a wide variety of cyber threats.

Because of the OMG standard for DDS compliant systems, the current cyber warfare command and control prototype can utilize several of the popular DDS systems including CoreDX DDS from Twin Oaks Computing.

“Although CoreDX DDS is advertised as a light-weight alternative to other more established infrastructures, we have found it to be extremely competitive and impressively robust. In addition, the accuracy and timely response from the technical support staff is extraordinary.”
— Dr. Michael J Mezzino, Jr., President of Cyber Software Solutions

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