Twin Oaks Computing Partners with DCS Corp

DCS Corp, a company that works closely with government agencies in the national security sector, recently chose Twin Oaks Computing’s CoreDX DDS for their unmanned robotic systems project. DCS Corp is developing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that controls these unmanned robotic systems. Their software architecture uses DDS to communicate user interactions, events, and status information between graphical displays (controllers) and the unmanned systems.

Their software was originally developed with DDS and developed to run on Windows and Linux platforms, but DCS Corp recently began exploring a port to Android devices as well. The challenge they faced was to port their existing C++ code base to Android and minimize redevelopment so that they could maintain consistency across platforms. Their current DDS provider did not port to Android, but due to the standardized API and the interoperability of DDS, DCS Corp was successfully able to migrate to CoreDX DDS for their project.

“CoreDX was the only vendor to provide a DDS distribution for Android and it allowed us to migrate to CoreDX DDS without significant changes to our DDS interface software.” – Brian Wood, DCS Corp

Twin Oaks Computing provided additional support for their effort by preparing and releasing a C++ binding for their CoreDX DDS Android distribution. This allowed DCS Corp to use the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) to develop C++ applications instead of requiring them to use Java, saving DCS Corp development time.

“The small footprint of CoreDX DDS was also significant due to the embedded nature of our software and it has performed well on our small Android devices”
– Brian Wood, DCS Corp.

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