Twin Oaks Computing Partners with the University of Adelaide

September 24, 2012 Development of complex software systems for defense applications is undergoing a dramatic transformation, trending towards use of Model Based Systems Engineering and Model Driven Development. A team at the University of Adelaide is researching the construction of combat management and related defense systems using these modeling techniques.

“Defense organizations need to understand the issues and benefits that arise out of the use of such approaches, and how to leverage these techniques for optimum results.” – Katrina Falkner, University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is exploring the use of standards-compliant middleware within system execution modeling systems, using CoreDX DDS as their communications middleware. Their reference Combat Management System, refCMS, has components that run on a wide variety of hardware, ranging from IBM Blade Centers to Gumstix, so their middleware must be suited to working in these different kinds of environments.

CoreDX DDS is the leading small footprint Publish-Subscribe middleware, supporting hundreds of operating system and hardware combinations. Packed with features and network performance, CoreDX DDS uses a minimal and deterministic set of memory during execution.

“CoreDX DDS is the smallest footprint DDS implementation available, and can be employed on the widest range of hardware platforms - from deeply embedded systems to consumer-grade computers to enterprise servers, making CoreDX DDS the perfect choice for Adelaide’s development project.” – Clark Tucker, CEO Twin Oaks Computing

Adelaide’s refCMS software investigates the implementation of an execution modeling computing environment and the generic execution modeling techniques needed for combat system performance analysis.

The refCMS has a particular emphasis on distributed real-time systems in the maritime environment, and aims to demonstrate how modern software engineering principles can be utilized to create and manage a software product line for distributed combat management systems. The system addresses these needs through the implementation of an execution modeling computing environment; developing a generic combat system execution model and generic execution modeling techniques needed for combat system performance analysis.

About The University of Adelaide:
The University of Adelaide is a public university in Adelaide, South Australia. Established in 1874, it is the third oldest University in Australia. It is associated with five Nobel laureates, 104 Rhodes scholars and is a member of the Group of Eight, as well as the Sandstone Universities.

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