CoreDX Data Distribution Service
The High Performance, Small Footprint DDS from Twin Oaks Computing, Inc
CoreDX Data Distribution Service Documentation

Welcome to the CoreDX DDS for C# API documentation from Twin Oaks Computing, Inc.


CoreDX DDS is a small-footprint, high-performance communications middleware compliant with the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. CoreDX DDS supports multiple hardware architectures and operating systems, and is intended to facilitate the development of robust, near real-time, highly distributed systems.

This is the CoreDX DDS for C# Reference Manual. It provides a detailed reference for the CoreDX Data Distribution Service implementation from Twin Oaks Computing, Inc. The manual includes documentation on all of the CoreDX DDS data types and Application Programming Interface (API) routines.

The CoreDX DDS Programmers Guide provides more information on using the CoreDX DDS API and related tools to produce a complete DDS enabled application.

The CoreDX DDS software provides a high-throughput, standards compliant, data communications infrastructure. CoreDX DDS offers the tools you need to realize Open Architecture goals. Built with a focus on performance, the CoreDX DDS software delivers a quality implementation of the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard.

The CoreDX DDS software implements the essential Data-Centric Publish-Subscribe (DCPS) communications layer as documented in the OMG DDS Standard. This standalone package, provides everything needed to integrate QoS enabled, Publish-Subscribe messaging into an application. The core software is written in the C language, and is optimized to be small and fast. The core package includes C and C++ language bindings for application integration. This reference manual describes the CoreDX DDS "C#" language binding.


The reference documentation includes information on the following API constructs:

  1. DDS Entities
    This includes the primary objects with which an application must interact to enable DDS publish-subscribe communications.

  2. DDS Quality of Service.
    This section documents the Quality of Service (QoS) structures that configure the behavior of the CoreDX DDS middleware.

  3. DDS Conditions, Listeners, and WaitSets
    This section covers the various structures and concepts involved in delivering events to the application.

  4. DDS Status Structures
    This section describes the types of status maintained by the infrastructure.

  5. DDS DynamicTypes
    This section covers the X-Types based DynamicType and DynamicData API.

  6. CoreDX DDS RPC
    This section covers the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) over DDS API.

  7. CoreDX DDS Tranpsorts
    This section includes Transport objects.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for software developers who are integrating the CoreDX DDS software into their application(s). The reference manual assumes that the reader is competent in programming languages and software development concepts. CoreDX DDS supports multiple languages, and this reference manual focuses on the C# programming language.

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