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DDS::DomainParticipantQos Class Reference

Structure that holds DomainParticipant Quality of Service policies. More...

Public Attributes

UserDataQosPolicy user_data
 A sequence of octets associated with a DomainParticipant.
EntityFactoryQosPolicy entity_factory
 Controls the behavior of the DomainParticipant create operations.
EntityNameQosPolicy entity_name
 Controls the Entity name of the DomainParticipant.
LoggingQosPolicy logging
 Controls the logging behavior of the DomainParticipant.
PeerParticipantQosPolicy peer_participants
 Specifies a list of DomainParticipant peers to attempt communication with. If empty, default Discovery is used.
DiscoveryQosPolicy discovery
 Controls aspects of the Discovery and Builtin entities.
ThreadModelQosPolicy thread_model
 Controls the threading behavior of the DomainParticipant.
PropertyQosPolicy properties
 Additional name:value pair properties (if propagate=true, included in discovery)

Detailed Description

Structure that holds DomainParticipant Quality of Service policies.

See also
DomainParticipant::set_qos(DomainParticipantQos) set_qos()
DomainParticipant::get_qos(DomainParticipantQos) get_qos()
DomainParticipantFactory::create_participant(long domain_id, DomainParticipantQos qos, DomainParticipantListener listener, long mask) create_participant()
DomainParticipantFactory::set_default_participant_qos(DomainParticipantQos) set_default_participant_qos()
DomainParticipantFactory::get_default_participant_qos(DomainParticipantQos) get_default_participant_qos()

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