Twin Oaks Computing Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

CASTLE ROCK, CO., August 27, 2015 – Twin Oaks Computing, developer of the leading small footprint implementation of the Data Distribution Standard (DDS), CoreDX DDS, is proud to announce the company has reached its 10 year anniversary.

Twin Oaks Computing was established in August 2005 as part of an SBIR contract. In 2008, after years of successful SBIR contracts, Twin Oaks Computing began focusing on its commercial Data Distribution Service (DDS) product line. Over the next several years, Twin Oaks Computing built a reputation as an industry leader for communications middleware solutions in embedded and Industrial Internet / Internet of Things (IoT) spaces.

CoreDX DDS is the leading Publish-Subscribe DDS middleware available for the full range of networked systems, from enterprise servers to mobile devices and other small-footprint and embedded systems. It is an easy-to-use, cross-platform, cross-language Inter-Process Communication (IPC) library, with high-performance and low-overhead, great latency and message throughput numbers. CoreDX DDS provides robust, flexible, and dynamic data communications.

Based on Open Standards for guaranteed interoperability and long term viability, CoreDX DDS is the preferred IPC for a wide variety of distributed software programs: from mobile games and consumer electronic devices to surgical equipment, health care applications, complex DoD systems and robots working in space.

Programmers like CoreDX DDS because it is easy to use and provides many features difficult to implement by hand, and not found in other IPC libraries. With features like data filtering and storage, data presentation, and event notification options, CoreDX DDS allows programmers to focus on their applications and the code they love to write, instead of communication details.

Software Architects like CoreDX DDS because of its powerful flexibility and extensibility. With CoreDX DDS, software systems can be extended and modified, even after deployment, with little or no change required to application software.

Program Managers like CoreDX DDS because it helps them mitigate their schedule and budget risk. CoreDX DDS is cost effective, reducing engineering and maintenance labor costs over the lifecycle of the project. CoreDX DDS allows existing technical resources to focus on meeting project requirements and milestones.

Twin Oaks Computing emphasizes the importance of client relationships. When you invest in a commercial middleware solution like CoreDX DDS, you expect high-quality, professional support. Twin Oaks Computing offers a full range of support resources dedicated to project success. All stages of the development process are covered - from research to deployment.

Since introducing CoreDX DDS commercially in 2008, and in response to evolving client needs, the software has been enhanced with Safety, Security, Mobile and Embedded Transports to satisfy the variety of industries that benefit from CoreDX DDS Communications Middleware, including; Industrial Automation, Industrial Internet, Internet of Things, Medical, Aerospace and Defense, Consumer Electronics, Transportation, Energy, Simulation, Transportation, Unmanned Vehicles, Space Exploration, and Advanced IR&D.

Twin Oaks Computing believes Universities are the perfect incubator for developing new architectures and ideas around this QoS-rich publish-subscribe communications middleware: The company provides no cost licenses to commercial research and university projects. Commercial research and development projects gain numerous benefits to using a proven middleware component like CoreDX DDS. Integrating CoreDX DDS accelerates most project development schedules, while concurrently expanding the base of engineers skilled in this advanced software technology.

Twin Oaks Computing will continue to provide market-defining technology, products and services, one innovation at a time. With this celebration of 10 years, Twin Oaks Computing is anticipating a release of CoreDX v4.0 later this fall.

Twin Oaks Computing is proud to commemorate a decade of development and improvement, and its commitment to the future of the DDS Standard and the industry of the Internet of Things. Our mission is to provide industry leading software tools, middleware, responsiveness and services to software engineers and architects around the world. As Twin Oaks Computing progresses into the future, we will continue to enable our clients to build cost effective, easy to use, robust solutions to the interconnected, multi-platform challenges of tomorrow - both here on Earth and beyond.


About TOC
Twin Oaks Computing, Inc. is a company dedicated to developing and delivering quality software solutions. We build the software that collects, manages, and distributes information in a wide range of industries. Our software is in use around the world supporting critical missions. Super-small and blazingly fast, our flagship product, CoreDX DDS is the leading Publish-Subscribe Data Distribution Service middleware available for s small footprint and embedded systems.