CoreDX DDS Data Distribution Service Middleware

CoreDX DDS is the leading Small Footprint DDS Middleware available.

CoreDX DDS is an easy-to-use, cross-platform, cross-language Inter-Process Communication (IPC) library.

CoreDX DDS is high-performance and low-overhead, with low latency to support real-time control and high message throughput to support high bandwidth data. CoreDX DDS provides secure, robust, flexible, and dynamic data communications.

Based on Open Standards for guaranteed Interoperability and long term viability, CoreDX DDS is the preferred IPC for a wide variety of distributed software programs: from mobile games and consumer electronic devices to surgical equipment, health care applications, complex DoD systems and robots working in space.

CoreDX DDS is essential for effective Open System architectures and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Programmers like CoreDX DDS because it is easy to use and provides many features difficult to implement by hand, and not found in other IPC libraries. With features like integrated end-to-end security, data filtering and storage, data presentation, and event notification options, CoreDX DDS allows programmers to focus on their applications and the code they love to write, instead of communication details.

Software Architects like CoreDX DDS because of its powerful flexibility and extendability. With CoreDX DDS, software systems can be extended and modified, even after deployment, with little or no change required to application software.

Program Managers like CoreDX DDS because it helps them mitigate their schedule and budget risk. CoreDX DDS is cost effective, reducing engineering and maintenance labor costs over the lifecycle of the project. CoreDX DDS allows existing technical resources to focus on meeting project requirements and milestones.

Take a tour of the CoreDX DDS Technology  >

Learn about the DDS IPC technology. Start at the beginning with an introduction to distributed software applications, including the standardization, architecture, and features of DDS. This unique tour provides a good foundation to understanding Inter-Process Communication (IPC), communications middleware, and the Data Distribution Service middleware technology.

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CoreDX DDS Performance  >

CoreDX DDS provides outstanding performance. Learn about the performance characteristics of the CoreDX DDS IPC library, including how many messages can be sent and how fast. This is where the CoreDX DDS latency and throughput numbers are displayed and explained.

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CoreDX DDS in Industry >

CoreDX DDS is used in a wide variety of industries. From from mobile games and consumer electronic devices, surgical equipment and health care applications,complex DoD systems and robots in space, the small-footprint of CoreDX DDS enables robust communication architectures in space constrained devices.

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Platform Support >

The CoreDX DDS IPC is cross-language, cross-OS, and cross-platform. CoreDX DDS includes the best (widest) support for Operating Systems, compilers, and hardware architectures. From common desktop systems running Windows or Linux to advanced embedded computing platforms running VxWorks or QNX, CoreDX DDS is there

Type safety, automatic code generation, and language support make CoreDX DDS easy to integrate.

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Open Standards >

CoreDX DDS is an implementation of the Data-Centric Publish-Subscribe (DCPS) communications layer as documented in the OMG DDS Standard.

The DDS standard incorporates a common Application Programming Interface (API), a set of Quality of Service Policies, and the Real-Time Publish Subscribe wire protocol. CoreDX DDS provides everything needed to integrate QoS enabled, Publish-Subscribe messaging into your application.

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Tour the CoreDX DDS Features  >

CoreDX DDS provides features above and beyond your typical IPC library. With features like state of the art security, dynamic discovery, data filtering, persistence, storage, organization, and more, CoreDX DDS provides all the tools you need for a sophisticated distributed software system in an easy to use API.

Tour the CoreDX DDS Features  >

Big Performance in a Small Package >

CoreDX DDS provides the most feature rich small-footprint IPC technology available. The full-featured CoreDX DDS library is measured in KiloBytes (not MegaBytes, like other DDS implementations). This compact implementation is truly unique in the Publish-Subscribe industry.

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End-to-end Security >

DDS Security is an unprecedented step forward in secure publish-subscribe communications. The CoreDX DDS Secure product provides a standards compliant, state-of-the-art, end-to-end security solution to meet the requirements of today's IIoT and military systems.

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Support System Evolution >

CoreDX DDS X-Types provides data type extensibility: a mechanism to manage the evolution of systems throughout their life-cycle. X-Types allows the upgrade of individual components and maintaining backwards compatibility without requiring costly (or infeasible) system-wide upgrades.

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RPC over DDS >

CoreDX DDS RPC over DDS is offers the capabilities of remote procedure calls to complement the data-centric publish subscribe architecture of DDS. In large systems there are needs for both Publish-Subscribe and RPC communication patterns. A single middleware, CoreDX DDS, offers both.

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Developer Resources >

You should select a communications middleware (IPC) package from a company that provides a robust set of development resources to ensure your project can achieve success. Twin Oaks Computing provides a wide range of resources for all development phases from planning to deployment.

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CoreDX DDS Demonstration  >

Download a free demonstration of CoreDX DDS! This popular shapes demonstration is an easy to use application that allows the user to try a variety of DDS features and see the results. We provide pre-compiled demos for Android and Linux platforms, and we also provide the source code for your reference (and for you to compile for additional platforms).

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Example Source Code  >

Look here for the source code to example applications using CoreDX DDS for Inter-Process Communications.

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CoreDX DDS Tools >

The CoreDX DDS product line includes tools to support the development process from System Engineering through to Deployment. This includes tools to define data types, architect Quality of Service policies, define data domains, establish data forwarding and routing, and monitor network packets. With robust filtering based on time, data content, domain, and partitions, CoreDX DDS gives complete control over data distribution.

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Flexible Licensing >

Development and deployment licensing doesn't have to be complicated. We offer very simple licensing for binary and source code packages. Coupled with free Evaluations and Free Licenses for University or IR&D projects, CoreDX DDS is easily accessible.

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