CoreDX DDS in Aerospace and Defense

Upgrade your Middleware with CoreDX DDS and meet the challenge

The flexible Publish-Subscribe architecture of CoreDX DDS is perfectly matched to the diverse requirements found in Aerospace and Defense projects. These projects, characterized by Size Weight and Power constraints, the need for interoperability, near real-time requirements, one-to-many communications, and intermittent data networks, push other Middleware solutions to the breaking point.

The ultra small footprint of CoreDX DDS conserves system resources. The support for RTPS provides Open-Standard based interoperability. The high-performance API and implementation are targeted at near-real-time systems. The Publish-Subscribe architecture with dynamic peer discovery supports one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many communications models. The support for RELIABLE messaging, even over unreliable transports, makes CoreDX DDS a superior choice for harsh environments.

Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)

The goal of FACE is to ultimately lower implementation costs of new airborne systems by promoting standardized approaches and processes, software reuse, interoperability and portability of applications across different air platforms.
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Embedded Systems

CoreDX DDS with its small footprint and broad platform support is targeted at the Embedded Systems found in many Aerospace and Defense applications.
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Unmanned Vehicle Systems

DDS has been deployed in several Unmanned Vehicle systems.
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Multicore Architectures

CoreDX DDS lets your application exploit the performance benefits of Multi-Core architectures.
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CoreDX DDS supports the Real-Time Publish Subscribe Interoperability Wire Protocol (RTPS).
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