CoreDX DDS Performance

CoreDX DDS delivers outstanding performance.

There are many dimensions to software performance, and CoreDX DDS has them all covered. The small-footprint of CoreDX DDS means that system memory resources (both static and dynamic memory) are conserved. Advanced data communication algorithms ensure that CoreDX DDS uses minimal network bandwidth while delivering data with extremely low latency. Sophisticated management techniques allow CoreDX DDS to support scalability to thousands of DDS entities.

  • Size

    Small Package Packed with Features

    CoreDX DDS is the perfect communications middleware, and furthermore, it FITS. It fits in your limited FLASH and RAM. It fits on your Operating System. It fits in your system without an operating system. It fits your budget for source code certification. And, it still has the performance, scalability, and features required for enterprise class applications.

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  • Speed

    Blazing Network Speeds

    CoreDX DDS provides exceptionally low latency and sustained high throughput numbers across all supported hardware architectures, operating systems, and programming languages. Built from the ground up to optimize network performance, CoreDX DDS meets your real-time and near-real-time data communication requirements.

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  • Scalability

    Scaling DDS to new levels

    There are numerous scalability concerns for a communications middleware solution like CoreDX DDS:

    • Number of network nodes participating in DDS communications
    • Number of DDS Domain Participants
    • Number of Topics to communicate
    • Number of Readers and Writers of data
    • Number of data Instances

    CoreDX DDS scales beautifully in all directions, while using a surprisingly small amount of network, memory, and processor resources.

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