CoreDX DDS Example Source Code

Source code examples for using CoreDX DDS in various programming languages.

To help developers get started quickly, we have provided source code for several example applications. These examples are also present in the CoreDX DDS evaluation package along with Makefiles for a wide variety of platforms.

  • DDS Hello World Example in C, C++, C#, and Java

    The simple "Hello World" application is a programming standard. Here is a DDS version of "Hello World". It consists of two applications: one application that publishes a simple string message Topic (the data contains the string "hello world!"); and one application that subscribes to this topic.

    Because of the flexible DDS infrastructure, you can run any number of publishers and subscribers, and they can be run on any machine on the LAN. The applications will automatically discover one another, and the publishers will send data to all subscribers.

    It is also possible to mix programming languages, for example: publishing from C++ to C.

    Take a look at the source code here:


  • CoreDX DDS Content Filter Example

    This example extends the "Hello World" application with content based filtering.

    Content Filtering is an extremely powerful aspect of the DDS infrastructure. The subscribing entity can specify an SQL-like filter expression which is applied to all data samples. If the data passes the filter criteria, then the data is accepted for processing and is made available to the application. If the data does not pass the filter, it is discarded and the application is not disturbed.

    Content Filters can reduce network traffic by optionally performing the filter at the data source (the DataWriter). Data samples are not written unless there is a subscriber (DataReader) that will accept the data.

    Again, it is also possible to mix programming languages and hardware platforms.

    Take a look at the source code here:


  • Shapes Demonstration

    The Shapes data-types and application has been used to demonstrate DDS interoperability at several OMG meetings and now you can get access to the source code.

    We provide access to the source code for Shapes as an example of how easy it is to integrate CoreDX DDS into an application. High-performance, Quality-of-Service enabled messaging is available to Java with CoreDX DDS. The CoreDX DDS Publish Subscribe communications middleware, with support for inter-platform and inter-vendor interoperability is a natural match for the portable Java programming platform.

    Download the source code here:

    Platform/Language TAR ZIP
    C v1.2 TAR v1.0 ZIP
    Java v4.0 TAR
    Android v1.2 TAR v1.2 ZIP

    Check out prerequisites and instructions to run here:

    Here is a video demonstrating how to import and build the Shapes for Android project in the Eclipse IDE: