IR&D Licensing Program

Start your Program on the right track with CoreDX DDS

Twin Oaks is committed to supporting the future generations of distributed systems that exploit the benefits of this world-class technology.

The goal of the Free IR&D License Program at Twin Oaks Computing is to provide the opportunity for commercial research projects to access our CoreDX DDS software.

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CoreDX DDS is a small footprint implementation of the Data Distribution Standard (DDS) that is sponsored by the Object Management Group (OMG). DDS was designed specifically to meet the performance and quality of service requirements of real-time, embedded, time-critical, and mission-critical applications. Your research project will benefit from the opportunity to build upon a quality implementation of an important open standard middleware.

By participating in our Free IR&D License Program, your research projects will gain access to our state of the art middleware technologies. These technologies can help rapidly advance research goals in several ways:

  • A stable and proven middleware technology like CoreDX DDS can accelerate system development by abstracting the complex details of network data communication.
  • The unprecedented flexibility of the DDS Standard, with Dynamic Discovery and Type Safety, provide tools that are perfectly suited to system designs that evolve rapidly.
  • Your ability to commercialize research projects is magnified by a strong infrastructure foundation like CoreDX DDS.

Participant Requirements

Qualified research projects are welcome to participate in our IR&D License Program. Participating organizations must agree to use the software for research purposes only. The project must be an internally funded IR&D for pre-commercial and pre-award purposes. Examples include developing proof-of-concept demonstrations, prototypes, and proposal support.

Ordering Instructions

Get started by visiting our website and downloading the 30-day Full Featured CoreDX DDS Evaluation software. During the registration process, simply indicate that you are interested in the IR&D License Program. The duration of an IR&D License Agreement is based on your particular project and can be extended as long as your work continues to meet the requirements of the Program.

Start here: Download Free 30-day Evaluation