Develop with CoreDX DDS Data Distribution Service

Integrate a robust, standards based, communication architecture into your system and realize the benefits of an Open Architecture design.

CoreDX DDS is an open architecture communication infrastructure. The CoreDX DDS product line includes tools to support the development process from System Engineering through to Deployment. This includes tools to define data types, architect Quality of Service policies, define data domains, establish data forwarding and routing, and monitor network packets. With robust filtering based on time, data content, domain, and partitions, CoreDX DDS gives complete control over data distribution.

CoreDX DDS Development Resources

Here are some quick access resources to accelerate your development with CoreDX DDS.

CoreDX DDS Example Code
CoreDX DDS Documentation
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Documentation >

Software packages can be complex. You need documentation and samples so you can hit the ground running. We have a complete set of documentation and programming resources you can use to accelerate your integration of CoreDX DDS technology.

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CoreDX DDS Architecture >

CoreDX DDS is built around a highly efficient and compact core, written in C for efficiency and portability, it provides the fundamental publish subscribe protocol and API. With a fully threaded internal architecture, CoreDX DDS provides for robust communication models including asynchronous, blocking, and polling. Our additional language bindings provide access to the DDS API in several common programming languages.

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Application Data Architecture

A critical step in the development of DDS enabled systems is the Data Architecture. This phase of engineering focuses on the structure and relations of the system data. Tasks include identifying application data types, specifying data keys, establishing DDS topics, and selecting the appropriate Quality of Service policies. Time spent on this early design task will establish a strong foundation for successful system development.

CoreDX DDS Development Tools >

CoreDX DDS includes tools that facilitate development of DDS enabled applications. The fundamental tool is the CoreDX DDS DDL compiler. This compiler generates source code to support application defined data types. While not required, the generated source code enables the type-safe data API, a unique strength of the DDS standard.

Another development tool is CoreDX DDS Spy. This tool provides a graphical interface to analyze DDS domains in real-time at the network packet level. It provides a high-level view of DDS entities with the ability to drill-down into the RTPS protocol to debug all aspects of the DDS communications.

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Open Standards >

CoreDX DDS implements the Data-Centric Publish-Subscribe (DCPS) communications layer as documented in the OMG DDS Standard.

The standard incorporates a common Application Programming Interface (API), a set of Quality of Service Policies, and the Real-Time Publish Subscribe (RTPS) wire protocol. CoreDX DDS provides everything needed to integrate QoS enabled, Publish-Subscribe messaging into your application.

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