CoreDX DDS Training

Get the most from your software with Training from Twin Oaks Computing.

Twin Oaks Computing, Inc offers complete training packages so that you can realize the most benefit from our software products. Whether you want a quick introduction to the CoreDX DDS middleware technology, or an in-depth, hands-on experience, Twin Oaks can provide valuable training services.

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We offer a standard one-day introduction, an intense two-day hands-on course, and customized training.

We also offer CoreDX DDS Source Code Training that covers the full CoreDX DDS source baseline.

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Training Materials

The CoreDX DDS training offered by Twin Oaks Computing includes professional take-away materials and a large collection of sample source code for you to draw on after the training is complete. All of this is designed to help you and your team develop outstanding products.

Training and Services

Your project and team have unique qualities. By coupling training with other engineering services from Twin Oaks Computing, you will receive highly customized support that tailored to your specific needs.

Our Professional Services team can make hard problems easy. From complex system architectures to difficult porting challenges, we are here to help.