CoreDX DDS in Industry

CoreDX DDS offers unique benefits to many industries.

The flexible and configurable nature of the Data Distribution Service coupled with the small-footprint and extreme scalability of CoreDX DDS make it well suited to support a wide range of application domains. We present here an overview of the usefulness of CoreDX DDS in a variety of areas.

  • UAV Systems

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are comprised of a number of systems that benefit from a CoreDX DDS infrastructure, including:

    • Complex Control Systems
    • Logging and Security
    • Ground Station Systems

    CoreDX DDS helps address communication challenges in and between all these systems.

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  • Aerospace and Defense

    CoreDX DDS meets the requirements of many Aerospace and Defense projects. CoreDX DDS provides:

    • Compliance with Open Standards
    • Real-time and Near-real-time communications
    • Dynamic, one-to-many communications
    • Solutions for intermittent data networks
    • Easily configured communications between new and legacy components

    And, with CoreDX DDS's revolutionary small footprint, CoreDX DDS can be deployed on servers and devices from the command centers to the very edges of every deployment configuration.

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  • Transportation

    Data communications happen everywhere within and around user and commercial transports. From our automobiles, busses, and trains to tractors and mining equipment, networked computer systems require robust, reliable, and configurable communications.

    CoreDX DDS can improve onboard communications as well as communications between vehicles. CoreDX DDS provides optimum performance and configurability in communications on your embedded sensors, in your control centers, and everywhere in between.

  • Energy Solutions

    Data communications is a critical component of our new Energy Markets, including Smart Grid, Wind Farms, CSP plants, and more. These systems require sophisticated command and control, and constant monitoring and feedback. Communications happen from small sensors in remote locations to large computers in centralized control centers.

    CoreDX DDS can connect your applications running in all of these locations - quickly, reliably, and securely. Discover the benefits of CoreDX DDS in your project.

  • Consumer Electronics

    Microprocessors based on MIPS or ARM architectures with memory measured by a few Megabytes or even Kilobytes is the norm for Consumer Electronics applications. However, standards compliance, dynamic discovery, and highly configurable communications is still highly desired while performance and scalability is a must.

    CoreDX DDS brings the full power of DDS with all these features to even the smallest MIPS and ARM devices.

  • Healthcare

    Information systems and application developers are transforming the healthcare industry. From the way patient records are stored, to advancements in medical technology and HIPPA regulations, real time information and modification are essential to providing quality patient care. CoreDX DDS provides the following features to software architects:

    • Privacy: Each user only receives the information they need (or are intended) to receive.
    • Security: interactions with other services or application's are independent from network services, meaning they are always available for users
    • Real time: With very low overhead and efficient processing, messages are sent with minimal latencies (approximately 70 microseconds).

    CoreDX DDS also has a flexible architecture that is also scalable: it can adapt to processing both large and small amounts of data.

  • Financial

    Financial systems may be computing powerhouses compared to other popular CoreDX DDS industries. These environments depend on absolutely Secure, Reliable, Real-time data transfer, sometimes over long and unreliable physical connection for large amounts of data messages.

    CoreDX DDS can handle the large bandwidth and low latencies required over a Reliable protocol, while adding the other powerful features of DDS, including content filtering and dynamic discovery.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing describes anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. Cloud Computing is still in its early stages, but has the potential to drastically change how we do business, access information, and communicate.

    CoreDX DDS allows for real time, on demand, scalable, distribution of dynamic discovery data, allowing our customers (and theirs) to take advantage of the many aspects of Cloud Computing, including reliability and security.

  • Simulation

    Simulation settings require real time data distribution, communication, and analysis. CoreDX DDS provides all this and more:

    • Dynamic Discovery: Adding new systems is easy with CoreDX DDS. CoreDX DDS Dynamic Types allows the run time creation and determination of DDS topics and data types. This technology eases integration challenges, enables flexible bridging between disparate systems, and reduces static memory usage.
    • Low latency: CoreDX DDS provides exceptionally low latency and sustained high throughput numbers across all supported hardware architectures.
    • High Reliability: Systems that use DDS to communicate can do so independent of a server or service, and independently of each other. They do not rely on each other’s systems to send and process information. A publisher can still publish information even if there is no subscriber seeking the information, or if a subscriber becomes “lost” for any reason. A subscriber can search for other publishers if the publisher it is getting information from fails or is lost.

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  • Communications

    The Communications industry delivers telephone, television, internet, and other services to customers, providing the primary means of communication to virtually all businesses, households, and individuals. Communications companies offer services such as cellular phone, broadband and mobile Internet, and satellite TV (among others).

    The telecommunications industry is divided into four main sectors: wired, wireless, satellite, and other telecommunications establishments. Wireless telecommunications carriers provide telephone, internet, data, and other services to customers.

    With faster connection speeds, wireless carriers can transmit music, videos, applications, and other content that can be downloaded and played on cellular phones, giving users mobile access to large amounts of data. As use of mobile technology increases, wireless companies continue to develop the next generation of technologies that will allow even faster data transmission.

    Android devices are becoming increasingly popular in a number of industries, including communications. Get started with a CoreDX DDS demonstration on Android, or watch CoreDX DDS Android Demo on how to get started with CoreDX DDS on Android devices.