CoreDX DDS Engineering Services

Get expert engineering services from the CoreDX DDS experts.

The engineers at Twin Oaks Computing are leading experts in the field of Data Distribution Service publish subscribe middleware and other data communication technologies. With over 30 years of experience in software architecture and development, our team members will deliver high-quality, professional results.

Services Overview

Twin Oaks Computing, Inc offers full spectrum professional services so that you can realize the most benefit from our software products. Our services range from architectural analysis to software design and platform migration.

Our Professional Services team can make hard problems easy. From complex system architectures to difficult porting challenges, we are here to help.

Architecture Analysis >

Lay the proper ground work for a successful system with System Architecture Analysis.

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CoreDX DDS Porting Efforts >

We can port the CoreDX DDS software to any platform, and we can help you with your porting challenges too.

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Product Customization >

Need something special from CoreDX DDS? A new feature, a new transport, a new API... We can do it!

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Product Integration >

On a tight development schedule? Need additional expertise integrating CoreDX DDS? We can help get your development on track.

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