CoreDX DDS Licenses

Simple, Flexible, Affordable

Development and deployment licensing doesn't have to be complicated. We offer very simple licensing for binary and source code packages. Coupled with free Evaluations and free Licenses for University or IR&D projects, CoreDX DDS is easily accessible.

Licensing Options:
IR&D Licenses
University Licenses
Source Code

Evaluation Licenses

Try before you buy. We provide a full working copy of our CoreDX DDS software, on any supported platform, to you for a FREE 30 day trial period. This provides you a unique opportunity to try out the Data Distribution Service software the way you want, in your own environment. After all, what better way for us to prove our CoreDX DDS product is powerful, flexible, packed with features, and still easy on system resources?

Included with your evaluation license is full access to our support organization. Because we know that it is not only the quality of the middleware product that is important to the success of your project, but also the professionalism and responsiveness of the company behind it. So, if you have a question, run into a problem, or need help with any aspect of our CoreDX DDS product, contact us. Our staff is happy to help.

Development Licenses

When you have made the decision to incorporate CoreDX DDS into your commercial project, you are ready for CoreDX DDS Development Licenses. Development Licenses provide perpetual access to the development tools you need to compile and link CoreDX DDS into your applications.

We provide flexible licensing options to suit your projects of a single developer all the way to multiple developer teams spread across the globe.

Deployment Licenses

Deployment Licenses allow you to deploy your CoreDX DDS enabled applications and systems. We offer several different licensing packages to suit your deployment scenario. From single licenses, to bulk offerings, and royalty options we can find a licensing strategy to satisfy your requirements.

IR&D and University Licenses

We provide FREE licenses to commercial research and university projects. Commercial research projects can gain numerous benefits to using a proven middleware component like CoreDX DDS. Integrating CoreDX DDS accelerates most project development schedules, while concurrently expanding the base of engineers skilled in this advanced software technology. Universities are the perfect incubator for developing new architectures and ideas around this QoS-rich publish-subscribe communications middleware. We welcome all commercial IR&D and university teaching and research projects to experiment and explore CoreDX DDS.

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Source Code Licenses

The communications middleware is a critical component of your system architecture. For some projects, it can be difficult to depend on a black box from a 3rd party vendor. Other projects need the flexibility to perform their own ports or other enhancements to DDS, but do not want to start from scratch writing their own. For these reasons and more, we offer licenses to the CoreDX DDS source code. With several licensing options available, we are confident there is one to meet your requirements.

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