Twin Oaks Computing Announces the Launch of the New Data Distribution Service™ (DDS™) Portal

Castle Rock, CO – August 6, 2015 – Twin Oaks Computing, along with The Object Management Group® (OMG®) are excited to announce the launch of the new Data Distribution Service™ (DDS™) Portal at

The Portal provides a comprehensive set of information on DDS and the Internet of Things (IoT) data connectivity standard. It is designed to be a resource hub for the DDS community. DDS is a type of Communications Middleware , or Inter-Process Communication (IPC) mechanism, whose concept was standardized and is currently managed by the OMG. DDS is a cross-language, cross-operating system, cross-platform middleware (or IPC) solution. It simplifies communications processes among different system types, making distributed development easier, faster, and more reliable.

The new Portal is focused on the needs of IoT developers and replaces the previous DDS Portal with an enhanced user-friendly interface and improved structure. The Portal provides access to detailed information, including a technical overview and benefits of using the DDS standard, use-cases, listing of companies that are building systems with DDS, directory of resources and vendors, news and events, and links to the latest DDS-related standardization work at the OMG.

The new DDS Portal is fully supported by the leading vendor implementers of the DDS standard including Twin Oaks Computing. “One of the core challenges for Industrial and Consumer IoT applications is achieving robust, reliable, and secure data communications between heterogeneous devices. DDS has been successfully connecting diverse computing nodes in challenging environments for years,” said Clark Tucker, President and CEO of Twin Oaks Computing. “DDS continues to be a relevant and crucial infrastructure component in IoT systems because of the efforts of the OMG to evolve the DDS standard and the efforts of the vendors to keep pace with their DDS products. The OMG DDS Portal provides a great resource for DDS novices and experts alike to learn about the DDS standards and technologies.”

Highlights of key features of DDS include:

Open Standard: DDS is a mature, proven standard open to participation by both vendors and users. It enables end-to-end vendor interoperability and eases IoT system development and integration through fully open, future-proof APIs with no vendor lock-in.

Ease of Integration: The data-centric approach used by DDS allows the definition of common and extensible data models for seamless Information Technology (IT) / Operational Technology (OT) interoperability . It’s loosely coupled and anonymous data-sharing abstraction completely hides connectivity and topology details from applications.

Performance Efficiency and Scalability: DDS implementations can achieve point-to-point latencies that are as low as 30 µsec, and throughput of several million messages per second. It uses a very efficient wire protocol, as well as supporting content-and time-based filtering. When properly architected, DDS-based systems can achieve near-linear scalability .

QoS-Enabled: A rich set of QoS policies allows DDS to control all aspects of data distribution, such as timeliness, traffic prioritization, reliability and resource usage.

Security: DDS provides standardized authentication, encryption, access control and logging capabilities to enable secure end-to-end data connectivity in an IoT system.

Scalable Discovery: For large-scale dynamic systems, DDS offers automatic discovery that provides plug-and-play functionality to simplify system integration and orchestration.

Applicability: DDS can transparently address peer-to-peer, device-to-device, device-to- cloud, and cloud-to-cloud communication. Implementations are available for embedded , mobile, web, enterprise and cloud applications.

OMG’s Richard Soley adds, “The Data Distribution Service is a proven, bullet-proof, industrial-strength solution for integrating real systems on the ground (and in the air). With secure, transactional, high-performance interoperable and portable implementations from multiple vendors, DDS is the right solution for many systems including the Industrial Internet of Things. OMG is proud to release this new source of information and updates on DDS to help organizations optimize their systems using DDS solutions.”

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Twin Oaks Computing, Inc. is a company dedicated to developing and delivering quality software solutions. We build the software that collects, manages, and distributes information in a wide range of industries. Our software is in use around the world supporting critical missions. Super-small and blazingly fast, our flagship product, CoreDX DDS is the leading Publish-Subscribe Data Distribution Service middleware available for small footprint and embedded systems .

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