Architecture Analysis

Lay the proper ground work for a successful system

Architecture Studies from Twin Oaks Computing provides important insight into the interactions and effects of CoreDX DDS with your particular project requirements. Obtaining a CoreDX DDS Architecture Study during your architecture or design phases reduces development time and overall project risk.

System Architecture is an important component in the development of your large system. Middleware technologies play a significant role in realizing aspects of a System Architecture. We can help you to understand where and how a Data-Centric Middleware component like CoreDX DDS can be most useful in your system. You will benefit from our expertise in large system development and our experience with data communications technologies.

When you engage Twin Oaks to perform a System Architecture Analysis, we will develop a plan that focuses on your data. We will perform an analysis of your existing architecture artifacts, the pertinent requirements, and existing infrastructure components. We will develop a specific approach for incorporating the CoreDX DDS Data-Centric Middleware into your architecture, and provide specific recommendations for data definition, Quality of Service policies, resource allocation, and deployment.

The end result will be an executable plan for project development that incorporates the features of CoreDX DDS to maximum benefit. With this foundation, you will be ready to move forward rapidly on the path to successful system delivery.

Our Professional Services team can make hard problems easy. From complex system architectures to difficult porting challenges, we are here to help.