Product Customization

Need something special? We can do it.

You can count on the engineers in the Professional Services team at Twin Oaks. With experience on projects from Device Drivers to User Interfaces, from Embedded Control Systems to world-wide Enterprise Systems, our engineers have the expertise and experience you need.

Custom Features

For some projects, additional features or modifications to existing CoreDX DDS features are required. Our engineering staff will work with your team to develop specific requirements and schedule. In many cases, features are added at little or no charge to you.

Custom Transports

Not all networks are ETHERNET. Not all communications devices are packet oriented. When you deal with specialized hardware environments, a traditional Middlware solution just won't work. But don't worry, with CoreDX DDS, we have it covered.

You can trust Twin Oaks to develop a customized CoreDX DDS transport to meet your requirements. We have proven experience in implementing complex network communications, developing custom device drivers, and interfacing with tactical communications. We understand MilStd-1553, RS-422, MilStd-188, and IEEE 802.11. We know VME and PCI. Serial, Parallel, Byte, Packet, Streaming, Transactional, DMA, TDMA, CDMA: whatever the medium, we can make it work for you.

Safety Critical

Systems with the potential to cause harm to persons or property often must meet stringent safety requirements. As a developer or integrator of a Safety Critical system, you understand the costs associated with every Line Of Code (LOC). So do we. It is a simple equation - fewer lines of code results in lower cost. And that is why CoreDX DDS is the clear middleware choice for Safety Critical systems.

Secure Systems

With our help, you can efficiently address your security concerns. Complex security requirements from Common Criteria, DCID 6/3, and NISPOM; Confidentiality, Intgrity, Availability, Protection Levels, and Levels of Concern. Our engineering staff knows this stuff, inside and out. We have been through the process of Security Certification and Accreditation. We know what the accrediting authorities are looking for, and we can help you.

Our Professional Services team can make hard problems easy. From complex system architectures to difficult porting challenges, we are here to help.