CoreDX DDS in Multicore Environments

CoreDX DDS is a powerful tool that helps you exploit multicore architectures to the fullest extent

CoreDX DDS includes a multi-threaded architecture which ensures that CoreDX DDS can take full advantage of multi-processor systems. By distributing the data communication tasks across multiple processing cores, overall system performance can be significantly improved.

A CoreDX DDS application inherently has three threads of control - one thread processing incoming data, one thread processing infrastructure events, and one thread executing application code -- a quad-core CPU is a perfect match to the CoreDX DDS infrastructure. In fact, the CoreDX DDS middleware has been certified by Intel to run great on Intel Core2Quad systems.

Of course, CoreDX DDS also works well on a single CPU system: with highly optimized synchronization points, and an efficient implementation, CoreDX DDS has been deployed on a single CPU Intel Pentium system with 640K RAM.

The CoreDX DDS architecture insulates the application developer from the details of its internal threading architecture. There are no confusing protection zones or other considerations to complicate the structure of application programs. All CoreDX DDS API routines are accessible from any context - during a listener call-back, or in a condition processing routine.

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