Porting to Additional Platforms

CoreDX DDS can run on any platform, with any Operating System. If we don't support it now, just ask!

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And then check out our porting services to your platform.

Put CoreDX DDS on your Platform

You need middleware to run on your hardware, with your Operating System. We can make that happen. If our software package does not currently support the platform you need, just let us know. We are experts at porting our software to new architectures and Operating Systems. We wrote CoreDX DDS with very few operating system and hardware dependencies. With our small code base and no 3rd party open source or commercial software embedded, we can quickly port to your platform with little or no cost to you.

CoreDX DDS Middleware can ease the challenge of porting by abstracting the communication details. Let us do the grunt work while you focus on your application.

Use CoreDX DDS over your network

Not all communications happen over ETHERNET. Not all communications devices are packet oriented. When you deal with specialized hardware environments, a traditional Middlware solution just won't work. But don't worry, with CoreDX DDS, we have it covered.

You can trust Twin Oaks to develop a customized CoreDX DDS transport to meet your requirements. We have proven experience in implementing complex network communications, developing custom device drivers, and interfacing with tactical communications. We understand MilStd-1553, RS-422, MilStd-188, and IEEE 802.11. We know VME and PCI. Serial, Parallel, Byte, Packet, Streaming, Transactional, DMA, TDMA, CDMA: whatever the medium, we can make it work for you.

Application Code Migration

You need to support new platforms. Whether you are developing a new system or maintaining legacy code, you will need to support different platforms over time. Twin Oaks can help you with the challenge of porting older software to alternate platforms. Our engineering staff has outstanding experience porting complex software. With our help, you can meet your schedule and budget commitments.

Our Professional Services team can make hard problems easy. From complex system architectures to difficult porting challenges, we are here to help.