CoreDX DDS Source Code

The small, clean, and easy to use CoreDX DDS Source Code provides extreme value

As engineers, we understand the importance of having the source code for a critical system component like middleware. That’s why Twin Oaks Computing is pleased to offer CoreDX DDS Source Code Licenses.

With a CoreDX DDS Source Code License your organization will have access to the source code for the leading small-footprint DDS communications middleware. Access to the source code provides many benefits: internal configuration control, stand-alone problem resolution, deep integration, product customization, unique ports, and vendor independence.

The CoreDX DDS Source Code is attractive for many reasons:

Small Line of Code Count

The standard CoreDX DDS baseline, with all its features, contains a fraction of the Lines of Code of other's "safety critical" editions. This makes CoreDX DDS attractive to projects with safety critical applications. The benefits of a small code baseline include more than certification. With a fraction of the lines of code to read and compile, CoreDX DDS lowers the risk of using the source code. Whether you are interested in using the source code as a reference, or performing your own specialized porting or feature enhancement, the CoreDX DDS source code baseline makes your work easier.

Safety Critical Certification

The small line of code count helps certification costs. In addition, CoreDX DDS was written using a robust disciplined process that is fully documented.

Native Source Code

It is completely native source code, 100% designed and developed by Twin Oaks Computing. CoreDX DDS does not include (and is not built on top of) any 3rd party commercial or open source products.

Usable Source Code

The CoreDX DDS source code is clean, easy to read, easy to build, easy to port, easy to modify. And with the availability of CoreDX DDS Source Code Training and shared, online problem tracking tools, the CoreDX DDS source code is a welcome addition to your project.

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