CoreDX DDS for Performance Webinar

Configuring CoreDX DDS for performance

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Presented in 2023 (February) The Data Distribution Service standard and products often tout high performance statics with respect to latency, throughput, and messages per second. How realistic are these claims in real-world systems? How do system designers architect for performance? How do integrators test and tune for performance? While using CoreDX DDS for basic communications is straight forward, using the more robust and powerful features in a large networked system can quickly become a complex activity. Making use of DDS features while meeting varied timing requirements across various streams of data can be challenging. In these scenarios, it is critical to have proven techniques and tools that are straightforward and easy to use, and have the power to analyze, diagnose, and elegantly report the communications performance details of your system. This webinar will take a look at the tools available to monitor, analyze and optimize the performance of your CoreDX DDS infrastructure.