CoreDX DDS Tools Webinar

Maximize your DDS investment with CoreDX DDS tools

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Presented in 2022 (June)

The environments where CoreDX DDS is deployed are diverse, and often complex with networking challenges and limitations. While some environments are simple local area networks, others are comprised of multiple subnets, complex routes, internet connections, or very low bandwidth connections. Some contain embedded devices with limited bandwidth, or applications that must dynamically adapt to new Topics or Data Topics during system operation.

Twin Oaks Computing offers a variety of CoreDX DDS tools to maximize the performance, reliability, and scalability of DDS systems deployed into environments where standardized DDS features simply do not fit or perform well.

In this webinar, you'll learn about the available and commonly used CoreDX DDS tools from Twin Oaks Computing, and how those DDS tools enable our customers to build and successfully deploy robust systems in a wide variety of challenging networks and environments.