CoreDX DDS for Embedded Environments

Learn about using middleware and CoreDX DDS in various embedded environments

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Presented in 2021

Twin Oaks Computing has been deploying DDS solutions into a wide variety of embedded environments for years, and we have built a wealth of information about small and resource constrained environments across defense programs, medical devices, energy grid controls, vehicles, both controlled and autonomous, to name a few.

During this webinar, we take a close look at using middleware in embedded environments, with a focus on the CoreDX DDS options to architect a system with low-power devices, or RAM constrained devices, with sub-par, lossy, or intermittent networks. Today’s industrial systems are connecting more devices and components, including embedded devices that have historically not been connected. Adding connectivity creates opportunity, however, typical connectivity protocols often won’t work with embedded components due to constraints with computing resources, power, and availability (or lack thereof) of basic operating system functions.