DDS Standards & Interoperability Webinar

Achieving Interoperability with DDS

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Presented in 2022 (September)

Interoperability is a key requirement in today’s connected systems. The Data Distribution Service (DDS) standards from the OMG address interoperability requirements in a variety of military, infrastructure, and commercial systems; giving these systems operational flexibility and providing tangible benefits in the form of quicker access to information and smarter responses to events.

Twin Oaks Computing has worked network protocol and data interoperability since our inception in 2005. Our commitment to interoperability goes beyond our involvement with the OMG in developing and maintaining the DDS standards. We are dedicated to supporting our customers as they build the systems on which we all depend. The electrical grids, hospital operating rooms, and national security systems of today an tomorrow all require application portability and interoperability.

Join us for a discussion of the DDS standards, the CoreDX DDS implementation, and examples of some of these real world systems benefiting from DDS interoperability.