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August Newsletter 2014


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CoreDX DDS Platform Support

CoreDX DDS supports a broad range of Operating Systems and Hardware Architectures. From common desktop hardware to ultra-small embedded controllers, even FPGA's, CoreDX DDS runs on a wide variety of platforms.

Click here to see if your platform is supported.

Learn more about CoreDX DDS Porting Services and Supported Languages.

“CoreDX DDS for Aerospace” at the SAE Conference in Cincinnati

The aim of the RTOS and Software Platforms session, “Resource Utilization of Middleware Components in Embedded Systems” is to examine RTOS and execution platforms (including frameworks) for avionics software.

The SAE 2014 Aerospace Systems & Technology Conference (ASTC) will take place on September 23 - 25 at the Hyatt Regency, Cincinnati, Ohio. The ASTC provides an open technical forum for aerospace systems professionals, especially engineers working in avionics, environmental, human factors, power systems, propulsion, safety, systems, space systems, unmanned systems, to gather valuable technical knowledge, insight, and information on emerging and applied technologies with respect to commercial, military, space, and unmanned aviation. Stop by and visit Twin Oaks Computing at booth #10.

Register here to attend SAE and learn more about CoreDX DDS.

Nina Tucker, VP of Client Services to present “Middleware for Bots” at RoboBusiness in Boston

Middleware has a long history in the IT space as software that provides abstracted translation, integration, interoperability and brokering services between applications, operating system and database management systems in distributed computing environments. Robotics middleware goes a step further adding support for hardware integration and control, freeing developers from the requirement of low level programming to integrate each software, hardware and communications module that make up a given robotic system. Attendees at this session will learn how middleware solutions are being used to speed robotics development, as well as deliver more robust robotic platforms.

Register here to attend RoboBusiness 2014 and learn more about CoreDX DDS.

Try the full-featured CoreDX DDS product free for 30 days

Get your hands on the leading small footprint Data Distribution Service implementation and see what it can do for you. The evaluation is available here for direct download for the most common platforms, including Linux, Solaris, and Windows. Download your free 30 day trial of CoreDX DDS here.

Frequently Asked Question:

Question:With my schedule, and the fires that frequently come up on my program, I don’t have much consecutive time to spend on evaluating new technologies. Can I use a CoreDX DDS evaluation license for more than 30 days?

Yes! We all understand that it is difficult to carve out time to research new products and/or technologies, especially when we are also required to meet (frequently fluid) program milestones. When we issue an evaluation license key, it will be for 30 days. However, you can continue to request new keys from us as necessary to complete your evaluation – just call or send us an email (! Requests for extension license keys are handled quickly, generally within an hour or so.

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