Holiday Closing and Industrial Internet Security Concerns

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December Newsletter 2017


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The Industrial Internet Security Concerns

Twin Oaks Computing's Nina Tucker will speak at IoT Evolution East in Orlando this January.

Abstract: Identity theft happens despite attempts to protect personal information, and it can be a devastating event for the individual. Cyber-attacks occur similarly in an enterprise or its Industrial Control System (ICS) architecture, also delivering devastating impacts for the success of the business. This session will address the current state, outline what technical solutions can be identified, either available now or under development, to close the gaps regarding cyber security. Contact Twin Oaks Computing to learn more.

Office Holiday Closure

Please note: Our offices will be closed Friday, December 22nd thru Monday, January 1st to allow our employees time with their families during the Holidays.

We will re-open on Tuesday, January 2nd. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, and ask if you anticipate the need for technical support during this time to schedule an appointment in the next few weeks. This will allow time for us to adequately address your request. All of us at Twin Oaks Computing wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday season.

Industrial Internet Consortium Meeting Update

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is creating the future of industry by setting the standards, best practices, and processes of the Industrial Internet. Twin Oaks Computing participates in the Technology and Test Beds Working Groups, in particular, adding our significant experience in the areas of networking, software connectivity, distributed data, interoperability, and security.

In the recent Quarterly Meeting held in Burlingame, California, Twin Oaks Computing's VP of Technology, Nina Tucker, participated in the Technology Task Group working on connectivity and distributed data interoperability. Contact us to learn more!

What's new in the DDS Standards

The DDS Standards are continuously being enhanced and improved. Here are some updates from the September OMG technical meeting in Burlingame, California:

  • XRCE (Extremely Resource Constrained Environments) proposal evaluations continued
  • CoreDX DDS support for additional ARINC-653 environments, including ARINC-653 DDS transport.
  • "IDLv4 to Java Language Mapping RFP" was issued
  • Developed resolutions for many DDS RTPS spec issues (Revision Task Force (RTF) work)

In case you missed it: Nina Tucker leads Part 3 of the OMG's 3-part webinar series titles "DDS - The Proven Connectivity Standard for the IIoT"

On Thursday, November 16, Nina Tucker (co-founder and VP of Technology at Twin Oaks Computing) presented the final part of the series: a 1 hour technical webinar focused on the DDS Security Standard. Watch the Webinar.


Today's connected systems are seeing increasing risks to cyber attacks, including Denial of Service (DoS), man in the Middle, and Eavesdropping. Most companies have an IT department responsible for cyber security. However, operational systems have different components, different network connections and behaviors, and different cyber threats than typical enterprise systems.

The third installment takes an in-depth look at the latest advances in the DDS standards to meet the demanding cyber-security requirements of today's industrial connected systems. From authentication and access control to integrity and encryption, learn how to leverage DDS Security features to secure your connected system against cyber attacks, while maintaining a flexible, scalable architecture.

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CoreDX DDS v4 continues to focus on resources and performance while incorporating new Data Distribution Service standards: DDS Security, Extensible Topics and Types (X-Types), and Remote Procedure Call over DDS (RPC over DDS). These standards bring outstanding technical capabilities to the already rich set of features offered by CoreDX DDS.

With these enhanced features, CoreDX DDS is the perfect middleware solution to meet the challenges of today's Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems. Learn more here.

The evaluation is available here for direct download for the most common platforms, including Linux, Solaris, and Windows. Download your free 30 day trial of CoreDX DDS here.

Upcoming Events

January 22-25, 2018 IoT Evolution Expo East, Orlando, FL, USA

February 5-9, 2017 IIC Quarterly Meeting, Reston, VA, USA

March 19-23, 2018 OMG Technical Meeting, Reston, VA, USA

April 4-5, 2018 MDTX, Seacucus, NJ, USA

May 1-3, 2018 AUVSI Xponential, Denver, CO, USA

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