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February Newsletter 2016


Welcome to the Twin Oaks Computing, Inc Newsletter!

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Recent Enhancements to CoreDX DDS:

Our engineering team continuously enhances and improves CoreDX DDS!

Recent incremental builds include:

  • Support for MinGW with older and newer gcc compilers
  • Support for INTEGRITY 11.0.4 in addition to INTEGRITY 178B
  • Allow filtering on enum members for content filtered topics, query conditions
  • Enhance C++ code generation on union data types

Learn more now and upgrade to one of our recent builds. Contact your Account Manager or for more information.

Happy Chinese New Year!

We would like to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to our partners in China. This Chinese New Year may prosperity and abundance follow you and bless you for the whole year round. Seize the opportunities and make the most of the Chinese New Year of the Monkey. May you have a prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year 2016.

Quote from Clients:

“Our engineers using CoreDX are very happy with the product and extremely happy with the customer support we receive. Twin Oaks Computing is the best vendor we’ve worked with.”

“Your support tools are a great assistance to the students!”

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