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July Newsletter 2018


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Object Management Group Board Adopts DDS-XRCE Specification

DDS-XRCE is a high level data-sharing data-sharing specification for constrained environments, enabling these low-power devices to exchange data with DDS networks in a standardized way.

"DDS-XRCE brings the power and flexibility of DDS technology to highly-constrained edge devices. The ability to integrate into existing DDS architectures, coupled with multi-vendor interoperability and support, makes this new protocol an exciting choice for Industrial Internet applications." - Clark Tucker, CEO Twin Oaks Computing, OMG member, and DDS-XRCE submitter.

Twin Oaks Computing has a long history of bringing the DDS protocols to resource constrained devices. This new standard brings DDS to systems that are not only memory or CPU constrained, but also power or bandwidth constrained.

Contact us to learn more about the new DDS-XRCE standard.

Sensors Re-Cap - Managing Resource Utilization in Embedded Components and Defining IoT

Nina Tucker, Twin Oaks Computing's VP of Technology, hosted an Embedded Live Theater Presentation last month at Sensors Expo in San Jose, CA.

Session Description: Resource Utilization (memory, CPU, network) is a primary concern when developing deeply embedded software components or deploying software into a SWAP constrained environment. Gaining insight into memory utilization within your infrastructure components is necessary for architects and engineers as they develop and deploy these systems, but this can be particularly challenging when using commercial software. Learn the tools and techniques necessary to avoid mismanaged system resources that often lead to reduced scalability, poor performance, and increased deployment costs.

Nina Tucker also participated on the Defining IoT Panel. The core to successful depolyment is understanding the architecture around IoT. Twin Oaks Computing believes software should be efficient and work well. The Defining IoT Panel looked at how IoT is deployed and configured for success.

FACE Consortium Meeting Update

The Open Group FACE Consortium is a government and industry partnership to define an open avionics environment for all military airborne platform types. The FACE Consortium works to develop and consolidate the open standards, best practices, guidance documents and business models. At last month's meeting we discussed the ease of connecting diverse small embedded devices with CoreDX DDS and CoreDX DDS SECURE, the security add-on for CoreDX DDS. At last month's meeting representatives from Twin Oaks Computing met many clients and interested software engineers at the FACE consortium in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Upcoming Events

September 11-12, 2018: API World, San Jose, CA, USA

September 18, 2018: FACE Metting, Huntsville, AL, USA

September 24-28, 2018: OMG Technical Meeting, Ottawa, Canada

September 25, 2018: Twin Oaks Computing Webinar, 11am EST

November 28-29, 2018: IoT Tech Expo North America, Santa Clara, CA, USA

December 10-14, 2018: OMG Technical Meeting, Seattle, WA, USA

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