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November Newsletter 2018


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Twin Oaks Computing Webinar - IoT: Securing the Difficult to Secure

Did you miss our webinar on Tuesday? No need to worry! You can watch it here.

Synopsis: Industrial systems across all industries are connecting devices and components, including a variety of embedded devices that have historically not been connected. Adding connectivity creates enormous opportunity from telematics and predictive maintenance to more intelligent operations. However, traditional connectivity adds exposure to network based attacks. These industrial systems and their embedded components share common connection requirements of reliability, scalability, and now, security.

The deeply embedded components of connected systems are often difficult to secure. These embedded devices are limited in memory and computing resources and make use of a variety of small RTOS's or BIOS's. Typical network security tools and protocols simply do not exist for these environments. How are your embedded software components connected? Do your current connectivity protocols meet the reliability, scalability, and security required by today's deployed systems?

Attendees will learn:

  • Methods for securing connected devices
  • Benefits and Risks associated with connected systems
  • Benefits of using standardized middleware to connect systems
  • Features of the Data Distribution Service DDS standards

Who should attend:

  • Solutions Architects developing connected industrial devices and systems
  • Software and Systems Engineers building sophisticated distributed systems
  • Device manufacturers concerned with keeping connected devices secure

Join Twin Oaks Computing at the IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara

Nina Tucker, Twin Oaks Computing's VP of Technology, hosted an Embedded Live Theater Presentation last month at Sensors Expo in San Jose, CA.

The world's largest IoT event series will bring together key industries from across the globe for 2 days of top level content discussion. Exploring the latest innovations within the Internet of Things and covering the impact it has on many industries including Manufacturing, Transport, Supply Chain, Insurance, Logistics, Government, Energy and Automotive, this conference is not to be missed.

Contact us to schedule a meeting, or stop by Booth #617 to learn more about CoreDX DDS. Our VP of Technology, Nina Tucker, will participate on a panel Wednesday at 10:20am

Panel: Creating a Competitive Edge with the IIoT

  • The IoT is now firmly embedded within many industrial enterprises - but how do you move ahead of the ever-growing pack?
  • How small wins can grow into big wins - making smart choices when it comes to platform selection, device management, etc.
  • Seeing IoT as a business project, not an IT project.

Office Holiday Closure

Please note: Our offices will be closed Friday, December 21 thru Wednesday, January 1 to allow our employees time with their families to enjoy the holidays. We will re-open on Wednesday, January 2. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, and if you anticipate the need for technical support during this time to schedule an appointment in the next few weeks. This will allow time for us to adequately address your request. All of us at Twin Oaks Computing wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season.

Try the full-featured CoreDX DDS product free for 30 days

Check out the newest DDS standardized features and get your hands on the leading small footprint Data Distribution Service implementation to see what it can do for you.

All CoreDX DDS evaluation are free of charge and include:

  • Standardized DDS API's and interoperable RTPS Protocols
  • DDS Security
  • Extensible Topics, and Types (X-Types)
  • Remote Procedure Call over DDS (RPC over DDS)

Download your free 30 day trial of CoreDX DDS here.

CoreDX DDS evaluations are available here for direct download for the most common platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. Contact us for evaluation requests on specialized or embedded targets.

Upcoming Events

November 28-29, 2018: IoT Tech Expo North America, Santa Clara, CA, USA

December 10-14, 2018: OMG Technical Meeting, Seattle, WA, USA

February 26-28, 2019: Embedded World Conference, Nuremberg, Germany

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