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Welcome to the Twin Oaks Computing, Inc Newsletter!

Our monthly newsletter brings you news and information about Twin Oaks Computing and our CoreDX DDS middleware. Be sure to "like", "follow" and "friend" us on our Social Networking sites for fun facts, free giveaways, and stories about Communications Middleware, Technology, and Twin Oaks Computing.

Twin Oaks Computing Exhibits / Educates at AUVSI

AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems North America is the premier forum for reviewing, assessing and discussing the current state of the unmanned systems market. The event brings together the key leaders and decision-makers in the industry. Officials from government and user organizations around the world attend and participate in the program.

Experts in embedded communications, Twin Oaks Computing exhibited at this yearly event; meeting and discussing simple and effective middleware communication solutions with hundreds of attendees and exhibitors.


Congratulations to our recent winners!

Joe MacKrell won a Lego Mindstorms Robotics kit just for visiting our booth at AUVSI!

Steve Dynes and Nick Barbour won flash drives in our Facebook Flash Drive Giveaway contest. For your chance to win, "like" us on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Question: Missing Samples

Question: I am having difficulty receiving samples across multiple machines on the same subnet. Do you have any information on firewall settings and/or logging/debugging options to diagnose handshaking?

Answer: Firewalls are commonly a problem (especially with default Linux and Windows configurations). For a quick test, you can try turning off the firewall all together - to see if that's the problem.

Another quick check is to add listeners for "publication_matched" (DataWriter), "subscription_matched" (DataReader), and "inconsistent_topic" (Topic). This will give you an indication if the problem is in the discovery or matching of entities.

Another useful tool is wireshark: if you can start a capture and then start your DDS applications, let it run for a few seconds and then save off the capture file to send to us, we can take a look at what is (and is not) making it onto the wire. This “quick look” is a free service provided to all evaluators of our CoreDX DDS products!

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