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September CoreDX DDS Connection 2022


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Meet us at the FACE Consortium in Dayton, Ohio - September 27, 2022

The 2022 Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) and Expo will feature expert presentations and demos by a cross-section of the defense community and industry. Attendees will hear presentations from industry and government, detailing the positive impact of FACE adoption for buyers (end users), suppliers, integrators, and business representatives, including both Business and Technical lessons learned. Technology Interchange Meetings allow DoD, Industry, and Academia to collaborate on Research and Engineering technology challenges.

The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium will feature demonstrations with over 30 FACE Conformant solutions from over 50 industry and government FACE members, covering all segments of the FACE solution stack, running on the world's most advanced multi-core hardware. These solutions will prove the value of open standards-based systems that encourage innovation, and will increase quality, accelerate airworthiness, and speed deployment of critical, advanced technologies to our warfighters.

Twin Oaks Computing will be present to answer your DDS questions at Booth #46.

Interoperability Webinar Available on Demand

Twin Oaks Computing would like to thank all who attended our recent webinar: Interoperability with DDS, and announce it's now available on demand.

Interoperability is a key requirement in today's connected systems. The Data Distribution Service (DDS) standards from the OMG address interoperability requirements in a variety of military, infrastructure, and commercial systems; giving these systems operational flexibility and providing tangible benefits in the form of quicker access to information and smarter responses to events.

Twin Oaks Computing has worked network protocol and data interoperability since our inception in 2005. Our commitment to interoperability goes beyond our involvement with the OMG in developing and maintaining the DDS standards. We are dedicated to supporting our customers as they build the systems on which we all depend. The electrical grids, hospital operating rooms, and national security systems of today and tomorrow all require application portability and interoperability.

Click here to learn more about CoreDX DDS

Click here to watch the recorded webinar

CoreDX DDS Tips & Tricks

Welcome to this month's edition of CoreDX DDS Tips & Tricks, where our engineers provide quick bits of information to help our customers.

Should you check DDS statuses?

Absolutely! DDS statuses allow the application visibility into CoreDX DDS execution and are a valuable troubleshooting tool during prototyping, integration, test, and even after development. There are a few ways to extract this information from your system.

  1. Asynchronously - using a listener
  2. With this method, the application registers a callback function which is invoked each time that particular status changes. This is a common approach.

  3. Synchronously - using a wait set
  4. A wait set allows the application to block until one or more of the registered status conditions changes. This can be an effective approach when run in its own thread.

  5. Poll - simply call the desired get_xyz_status() method on the appropriate DDS entity.
  6. For example: DataWriter::get_offered_incompatible_qos_status();

A list of available DDS statuses may be found in the CoreDX DDS Programmer's Guide, and in the dds_types.h and dds.h header files.

CoreDX DDS Tips & Tricks are intended to be useful for engineers using CoreDX DDS. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Try the full-featured CoreDX DDS product free for 30 days

Check out the newest DDS standardized features and get your hands on the leading small footprint Data Distribution Service implementation to see what it can do for you.

CoreDX DDS v5 continues to focus on resources and performance while incorporating new features and enhancements. Our evaluation copies include the full DDS API and standardized wire protocol, including:

  • All language bindings for the DDS API's (C,C++, Cxx, C#, Java, Python, JavaScript)
  • Full X-Types support including IDL, XML, and Dynamic type representations
  • Remote Procedure Call over DDS (RPC over DDS)
  • XML Application Definition
  • DDS Security (upon request)

With these enhanced features, CoreDX DDS is the perfect middleware solution to meet the challenges of today's Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems. Learn more here.

The evaluation is available here for direct download for the most common platforms, including Linux, Solaris, and Windows. Download your free 30 day trial of CoreDX DDS here.

Upcoming Events

September 19-23, 2022: OMG Technical Meeting, Burlingame, CA, USA

September 27, 2022: FACE Exposition and TIM, Dayton, OH. USA

November 28 - December 2, 2022: I/ITSEC, Orlando, FL, USA

December 5-9, 2022: OMG Technical Meeting, Austin, TX, USA