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November Newsletter 2012


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Introducing CoreDX DDS-SE: The FIRST Communications Middleware to Port to a Safety Critical Multicore Operating System

Twin Oaks Computing is proud to announce the launch of our new product: CoreDX DDS Safety-critical Edition (CoreDX DDS-SE), unveiled at the Interoperable Open Architecture conference in London earlier this week. CoreDX DDS-SE has been successfully ported to Green Hills Software’s safety certified INTEGRITY-178B Time-Variant Unified Multi-Processing (tuMP), becoming the first and only communications middleware to be successfully ported to a safety-critical multicore operating system. The integrated CoreDX DDS-SE and INTEGRITY-178B tuMP solution is targeted at developers of both commercial and military critical systems with high assurance software requirements.

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Ultra Electronics, Advanced Tactical Systems Chooses CoreDX DDS

Ultra Electronics, Advanced Tactical Systems (ATS) specializes in designing, manufacturing and supporting tactical command and control systems, subsystems and products for Defense and Homeland Security applications worldwide. ATS is currently using CoreDX DDS communications middleware in two of their products: the Advanced Fusion and Tracking System (AFTS)™ and the Advanced Correlation and Tracking System (ACTS)™. Both of these systems are used to integrate real-time data from multiple sensors (such as air surveillance radars) into a single tactical picture. The output of the AFTS or ACTS products is a stream of track data that can be used for a variety of purposes both military and civil, from maintaining situational awareness over a large area to command and control of a single aircraft during battle.

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Akram Hakiri, Makenzi Fuqua, and Ian Pape won a flash drive in our Facebook Flash Drive Giveaway contest. For your chance to win, "like" us on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Question: INCONSISTENT_POLICY error

Question: When I try to change the set the default QoS settings for a DataReader to set the Reliability QoS to a RELIABLE setting, I get the following error:

SUB : ERROR : DDS_Subscriber_create_datareader() failed setting qos: INCONSISTENT_POLICY

What is wrong?

Answer: The (perhaps) obvious answer is the QoS policy you are attempting to set on the DataReader contains values that are inconsistent with each other. For example, setting a History.depth > ResourceLimits.max_samples_per_instance will result in an INCONSISTENT_POLICY error. The DataReader QoS policies that must be compatible are:

  • Deadline.period must be >= TimeBasedFilter.minimum_separation
  • ResourceLimits.max_samples must be >= max_samples_per_instance
  • ResourceLimits.max_samples_per_instance must be >= History.depth

Another common error is neglecting to completely initialize the QoS before using it in the create_datareader() call (or a set_qos() call). The easiest way to initialize a QoS structure is to get the default QoS from the parent Entity.

For example, to initialize a DataReaderQoS structure, use:

DDS::DataReaderQos qos; retval = sub->get_default_datareader_qos(&qos);

Once you have an initialized QoS structure, set (override from default) the desired QoS settings:

qos.reliability.kind = DDS::RELIABLE_RELIABILITY_QOS;

And then use the resulting QoS to create the DataReader:

retval = sub->create_datareader((TopicDescription*)Topic, &qos, NULL, 0 );

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