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Twin Oaks Computing has a BIG Announcement!!!

Twin Oaks Computing is making a BIG announcement at the Interoperable Open Architecture conference in London later this month, so stay tuned for more information!

In addition to this VERY BIG announcement, Nina Tucker, our VP of Client Services, will be giving a presentation at this event covering Interoperable Open Systems for Safety Critical Applications.

Twin Oaks Computing will also participate in an Interoperability Demo at this event. CoreDX DDS applications can easily communicate with applications based on DDS from other vendors. In order to have meaningful interoperability it is important to enable and even encourage additional implementations, participation, and testing by new and existing vendors of DDS.

For more information about the conference, click here...

Twin Oaks Computing Partners with the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is exploring the use of standards-compliant middleware within system execution modeling systems, using CoreDX DDS as their communications middleware. Their reference Combat Management System, refCMS, has components that run on a wide variety of hardware, ranging from IBM Blade Centers to Gumstix, so their middleware must be suited to working in these different kinds of environments.

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Congratulations to our recent winner!

Nicole Tamez won a flash drive in our Facebook Flash Drive Giveaway contest. For your chance to win, "like" us on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Question: Unbounded Data Types

Question: Can I have truly unbounded sequences and strings in my DDS data type? How does this work with CoreDX DDS?

Answer: Yes! CoreDX DDS provides both bounded and unbounded strings and sequences for use in application defined data types.

With CoreDX DDS, unbounded strings and sequences are truly unbounded – the application can dynamically size and add to these data types, and memory will be allocated as necessary to hold the data. This means a sample containing a 10-byte string will use less memory than a sample with a 100-byte string. Not all DDS implementations offer these truly unbounded data types.

CoreDX DDS allows the application developer to choose between the flexibility of unbounded data types and the deterministic and real-time performance of fixed sized and bounded data types. When designing your data types, you are free to choose the data types best suited to each particular Topic and application.

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