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March CoreDX DDS Connection 2024


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Webinar: Introduction to the Data Distribution Service (DDS) Standard

Nina Tucker, VP of Engineering at Twin Oaks Computing, recently presented a technical DDS 101, a high-level introduction to the OMG's Data Distribution Service technology and standards. The Data Distribution Service (DDS) from the Object Management Group (OMG) is a data connectivity framework becoming standardized in a wide range of industries and military systems. From Autonomous vehicles and embedded medical devices to electrical grids and intelligence and weapon systems, DDS is found in a growing number of architecture standards and government contracts.

This webinar will focus on the technical features of DDS in the context of today's real-world use cases.

View the webinar here

Data Distribution Service Middleware (DDS) Turns 20!

Twin Oaks Computing is excited to announce in 2024, we celebrate 20 years of DDS innovation with the DDS community. From its first use case that enabled distributed communications for US Navy ships to the autonomous systems of today, the DDS family of standards has enabled new generations of applications to run reliably, rapidly and securely, regardless of distance or scale.

To commemorate this milestone, the DDS Foundation will be running a year-long celebration to highlight the 14 specifications in the DDS standard, along with selected real-world use cases. Kicking it off on January 18 is a webinar that starts at the beginning: A discussion with the original Principal Developer of the original Proof of Concept experiments, along with the lead developer for the Original DDS standard.

Join us for an in-person panel and 20th Anniversary celebration at the OMG Technical Meeting in Reston, VA. March 20, 2024, where we will discuss the past, present, and future of DDS.

CoreDX DDS Tips & Tricks

Welcome to this month's edition of CoreDX DDS Tips & Tricks, where our engineers provide quick bits of information to help our customers.

When should I consider using the Durability QoS Policy

The Durability QoS setting configures how long application-published data is saved by the DataWriter. The default Durability configuration is "Volatile", which means published data is saved only long enough to deliver to currently matched DataReaders (according to other QoS settings).

The other option for Durability is "Transient Local". With Transient Local, published data is saved indefinitely by the DataWriter, and is available to send to 'late joining' DataReaders.

The Transient Local Durability configuration must be used along with a Reliable Reliability configuration, and should be used along with a mechanism to control the size of the DataWriter cache (ie: History, Resource Limits, or Lifespan).

This configuration of Transient Local + Reliable works well for configuration or state data - data streams that are not uploaded frequently. DDS will send this data only when published (or changed) by the application, and with Transient Local, the data will automatically be sent to the late joining DataReaders.

CoreDX DDS Tips & Tricks are intended to be useful for engineers using CoreDX DDS. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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March 18-22, 2024: OMG Technical Meeting, Reston, VA, USA

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