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Twin Oaks Computing Webinar Library

Twin Oaks Computing has a library of recorded webinars, covering a variety of DDS technical concepts. The Data Distribution Service (DDS) from the Object Management Group (OMG) is a data connectivity framework becoming standardized in a wide range of industries and military systems. From autonomous vehicles and embedded medical devices to electrical grids and intelligence and weapon systems, DDS is found in a growing number of architecture standards and government contracts.

July CoreDX Connection

Nina Tucker Featured on the Industrial Talk Podcast

Nina Tucker Featured on the Industrial Talk Podcast Industrial Talk interviewed Nina Tucker, Vice President of Twin Oaks Computing, about Middleware and the importance to your digital transformation journey. Learn about Middleware along with Nina's unique insight into the Middleware technology on this Industrial Talk interview. Industrial Talk is a podcast designed to bring industrial learning and education to everyone around the world. It features industrial leaders who shape our futures and make our lives better.

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