February 2012 Newsletter

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What can DDS do for Android?

Today’s Android app developers typically do not make use of middleware in their development projects. This is understandable considering most early apps did not communicate off the Android device. However, with Communications Middleware, this is changing. Communications Middleware like CoreDX DDS provides numerous benefits to distributed software system, and these benefits can now be taken advantage of by Android apps.This paper gives some background information on Communications Middleware, DDS, CoreDX DDS, and Interoperability, and how they apply to Android. What can DDS do for Android?...

Twin Oaks Computing Partners with DCS Corp

DCS Corp, a company that works closely with government agencies in the national security sector, recently chose Twin Oaks Computing’s CoreDX DDS for their unmanned robotic systems project. DCS Corp is developing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that controls these unmanned robotic systems. Their software architecture uses DDS to communicate user interactions, events, and status information between graphical displays (controllers) and the unmanned systems. Read more...

CoreDX DDS 3.4.0 Released

Twin Oaks Computing is proud to announce the availability of the newest CoreDX DDS release: CoreDX DDS v3.4.0. This release provides a standards-based, interoperable publish-subscribe middleware with all the features of the Data Distribution Service standard and minimal resource requirements. CoreDX DDS v3.4 delivers wider platform support, greater API coverage, increased performance and scalability, and an even smaller footprint. Read more...

Upcoming Events

Twin Oaks Computing will be conducting another Interoperability Test of their CoreDX DDS Communications Middleware at the OMG Technical Meeting March 19-23, 2012 in Reston, VA. USA. Read more...