Raspberry Pi

I was wondering if anyone has tested CoreDX on a raspberry pi (ARMv6)??, and if so what is their experience with this?
RTI has ported their DDS to raspberry pi

Thanks in advance for all and any replies!

Brgds Lars


Re: Raspberry Pi

We have builds for Linux on several ARM platforms. I suspect one of these will work on the PI. If not, it is a simple port for us... And, you'll have room left over for your application ;)

Thanks for the reply! In

Thanks for the reply!
In order to test if it works on a Raspberry Pi I have to have a license? it seems like your free 30 evaluation license only covers i86 linux or windows.

Re: Raspberry Pi

[If you haven't yet discovered this] The evaluation licenses are flexible and work for any platform.
We make evaluation builds for 'common' platforms available on our web site in the Downloads section.
In addition, we are able to provide evaluation builds for any supported platform if you simply send us a request (email or phone).