troubleshooting return_loan function

I am just starting with CoreDx and I am trying to do one example similar to an echo function.

  • On one side I have a program "sender" (publisher and subscriber) with creates the contents
  • and on the other side I have the "receiver" similar to an echo response with also one publisher and one subscriber.

The sender will create a number of messages and will wait for the echo from the other side.

The sender has obviously one FooDataReader and one FooDataWriter.

The problem appears when calling the FooDataReader->return_loan function. It produces a segmentation fault and I don't know why.

A little part of my code is:

static FooPtrSeq FooDataList;
DDS::SampleInfoSeq infoList;
static FooDataReader *FooDataReader = NULL;

FooDataReader->return_loan (&FooDataList, &infoList);

Any suggestion will be welcome.


First, I would suggest

First, I would suggest testing the return value from the FooDataReader->read/take() operation. If this is not RETCODE_OK, then it is not appropriate to call 'return_loan()' afterwards.

Also, I think it would be helpful to see a little more of your test code. Feel free to e-mail to if you don't want to share it on the forum...

Thank you for the question. And, let us know if you need further help!