license problem with shapes demo

I am trying the demonstration of shapes demo in LINUX Mint.
I used the licence file as used for Hello World.
And I set the environmental variable.
when I am trying to compile the program using ./ at CoreDX_DDS_tocshapes_java-1.2 the following error occurring

usharanis@usharanis-HP-ProBook-4440s ~/Downloads/coreDXDDS/coredx-3.6.28-Evaluation/CoreDX_DDS_tocshapes_java-1.2 $ ./
TLM: Failed to open license file 'Shola_usha_rani_VIT_University_CoreDXeval.lic': No such file or directory
/home/usharanis/Downloads/coreDXDDS/coredx-3.6.28-Evaluation/host/Linux_2.6_x86_64_gcc43/bin/coredx_ddl: Unable to obtain a valid license, exiting.
./ 23: ./ /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/: Permission denied
cp: cannot create regular file ‘classes/com/toc/shapes’: No such file or directory
./ 25: ./ /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/: Permission denied

what is this error?
How can I solve this error to run the shapes Demo..


Hello, Please try setting the


Please try setting the TWINOAKS_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to the full path to your license file. If you continue to have errors, you can also set the TLM_DEBUG environment variable (export TLM_DEBUG=1) to enable license debug - additional information will be printed to stdout.